put someone on ignore? there’s this one poster and i’m just tired of seeing his stupid name, let alone his dull and uninspired posts. thanks.
DreadPirateRoberts wrote:Just use the imgur URL to the page, not the direct image link.
I don't follow you. The only URL I can find on imgur is the direct image link (with and without file extension, but neither works (unless it's a gifv)).
Navy uniforms are way better, but it'd be nice to have both options for the website.
Don't see any option for em.

If you only bring over one emoticon, let it be this one:

There appears to be a limited time to edit and delete posts. What is the purpose of this? Mods can see all the edits/deletes anyway, corretto? So let me edit/delete my posts the next day/week/decade if I want to.

It's my post, and I want it now!
It looks like with imgur, direct links work with gifv, but not with gif, jpg, or png.

Those latter 3 will work fine with img tags.
Not that I have a problem using img tags, so long as it works, but figured I'd let it be known for the greater good.
some of em aren't working directly.

exhibit A