@DreadPirateRoberts Elon f’d our tweets loading. Can you fix it for us?

ETA- I figured out a work around. If you copy paste a link replace (x).com with (twitter).com
nodarkblue wrote:
August 4th, 2021, 9:28 am
You should have added @DreadPirateRoberts so he sees that when he stops by.
My bad. Appreciate it bro!
Can we get tik tok to pre load straight from a link like Twitter?

Firefox on iOS has a full time night theme that works on most all sites now
It’s even better on iOS. Yeah, huge improvement in the mobile experience. I love being able to jump to pages at the top and bottom of a thread. The only thing I see that I would change is when you are on the pit and click anywhere but the time of the last post of a thread it takes you to page 1 ins...
It’s even better on iOS.
No worries. Appreciate your work keeping us updated. HT 2.0 looks great so far.
I found the smart color invert works like a dark theme on iOS. Now if I can figure out how to change the default inverse to Carolina blue we’re set.
I'd like to make changing avatars more user friendly. I hate having to resize a pic just to use it here. If the idiots over at clubfrontier can do I'm sure we (dpr) can.
I like this system.
Ant news on the HT after dark?
I'm trying to figure out the best way to keep the Rooskies from ruining the HT.

What about if each new poster is required to post in a designated intro thread and then approved by any of the mods.

Is this possible?
DreadPirateRoberts wrote:Yeah, dark theme in the post launch plans. Do you like the navy or black uniforms better?

And the software is British English out of the box. I have installing the American English language pack on my to do list.
I'm a Navy guy myself.
Freaking awesome