I cannot see Tweets today but have not changed any settings. Anyone else have this issue?
If you upload from a computer it shows up about the size of an avatar (if it posts). I use this site to host pics so I can post full size, https://postimages.org.
@UNCRushFan, post the link you are using.
I have no social media accounts (never will). The Facebook Container add-on I have notes sites which Facebook is tracking.
I've had issues in the past and think they were updated related to Firefox. I tried everything then they worked after another update. Settings such as tracking blockers can impact social media. I have one for Facebook since they track about every site and not giving those ass holes my info to sell a...
Seems to go through cycles. Sometimes I have issues then none. I think browser updates can be factor. On a somewhat related note I updated Android OS a few weeks ago then lost my speaker phone. Saw to reset Settings and it would clear. Worked but I have my phone set to restart each night and issue r...
@DreadPirateRoberts, how hard is it to add the ability to post these?
You should have added @DreadPirateRoberts so he sees that when he stops by.
HT does not support this format, can it be added or an icon to so manually?
http://www.gifbin.com/bin/102015/144406 ... tairs.webm
If you block cookies and some other items they will no load (Firefox on a Mac with OS High Sierra).
Jersey is retired before HOF, might want to swap.
Same thing this year.
10K-100K is quite a lot. How about Legend at 50K?
This thread is close enough.

I posted in the BB board but meant to post in the FB board. Posts can only be deleted if quoted, can you change this?