Seems to go through cycles. Sometimes I have issues then none. I think browser updates can be factor. On a somewhat related note I updated Android OS a few weeks ago then lost my speaker phone. Saw to reset Settings and it would clear. Worked but I have my phone set to restart each night and issue r...
@DreadPirateRoberts, how hard is it to add the ability to post these?
You should have added @DreadPirateRoberts so he sees that when he stops by.
HT does not support this format, can it be added or an icon to so manually? ... tairs.webm
If you block cookies and some other items they will no load (Firefox on a Mac with OS High Sierra).
Jersey is retired before HOF, might want to swap.
Same thing this year.
10K-100K is quite a lot. How about Legend at 50K?
This thread is close enough.

I posted in the BB board but meant to post in the FB board. Posts can only be deleted if quoted, can you change this?